Adventure "hiking".

The Dachstein offers easy till demanding climbing-routes, e.g. Dachstein-Südwand-Steinerroute, Hochkesselkopf-Südwestverschneidung.

Walter Stocker, national examinded mountain- and skiguide, offers guided climbing tours.

A broad range of climbing steep paths offer a special kind of experience, e.g. the climbing steep path "Johann", through the south-face of the Dachstein.

Klettersteig "Johann"


The "Johann", so the name of this climbing steep path, was builded by mountain guides in 1999. "Johann" is the most demanding climbing steep path of the south-face of the Dachstein. The length of the climbing stretch is about 800 m, by a face-height of 600 m. The climbing steep path itself is very save.

D/E (very till extrem difficult)

Alpine experience, strength for 3 chinjps, condition for about 5 hours.

Using period:
June till middle of October; best time: middle of July till middle of September.

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